Apricot just like peach is used from the kernel to the fruit as a whole in various

fields and has beneficial properties. The kernel of the apricot is extremely useful.

Similar to the peach kernel it can be consumed directly or oil can be extracted

from it, which is used in cosmetics. Beneficial properties of apricot kernel: apricot

kernel just like the peach kernel but in a greater quantity contains vitamin B17,

which is declared a cure for all types of cancer. According to scientists,

if this vitamin is used regularly and moderately, one will not be affected by cancer.

Moreover, it contains 19% protein, 53.5% fat, 4.5% carbohydrates,

unsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and plant fibers.

Apricot kernels are rich in omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins B15 and B17, A and E,

niacin, dietary fiber, phytosterols and others. Apricot kernels contain high

amounts of potassium, making them beneficial for people with cardiovascular

problems. The fact that they are rich in vegetable oils makes them very

valuable in the fight against early stages of atherosclerosis.

Application: the kernel of the apricot is used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics

and culinary. 

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