Pumpkin seeds oil is a very useful natural product. Pumpkin seeds

contain a lot of fatty acids. Four predominant fatty acids are palmitic,

stearic, oleic and linoleic acid. Also contain carotenoids - beta carotene

and lutein and violaxanthin in addition, luteksantin, aroksantin,

flavoksantin, alpha-cryptoxanthin, beta-cryptoxanthin and alpha-carotene.

The oil is rich in vitamins E, A and B complex, selenium, zinc,

phytosterols and others. Particularly useful to be consumed for the

improvement of the prostate function to lower cholesterol, improve kidney

function, improvement in arthritic diseases, diabetes, with increased milk

production in nursing and care of the skin. Consumption of oil from

pumpkin seeds lowers bad cholesterol and increases good.

Use of pumpkin seeds oil: It may be used in pure form or as a

supplement. Used in medicine, cosmetics and cooking. In cooking

it may be used for the preparation of sauces, salds, dressings,

desserts, it is not recommended to be heated and used for frying. 

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