Mustard oil is extremely useful. The mustard seeds are rich in

calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, selenium, beta-carotene

and omega-3 fatty acids.

Mustard oil improves blood circulation and therefore is most

often used in cold conditions, pricking, bronchitis, pneumonia,

rheumatism, lumbago, arthritis pain, and the like.

There is also an anti-inflammatory action.

Recommended for dry and damaged hair, hair loss in dry scalp,

itching and dandruff. Mustard oil is best absorbed into the hair.

Makes it shiny, vibrant and beautiful. Massage with mustard oil relieves cramps and muscle aches.

Use of the mustard oil: it can be used in pure form or as an

additive for various cosmetic products, for massages and in pharmacy. 

Ingredients:  Mustard seeds oil

Packaging:  We offer in dark color glass bottles with capacity 100ml,

in bulk or as per customer requirements.

Advantages of our Mustard seeds oil:

-   cold pressed first press

-   excellent quality

-   100% natural without any solvents or preservatives

-   made from Bulgarian mustard seeds carefully selected

-    bottled in dark glass bottles 



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