Plum kernel oil nourishes, moisturizes and improves skin elasticity and restores the

health of damaged hair. It is rich in Fatty and Essential Fatty Acids and it is

excellent source of Tocopherols.

It is useful for dry or cracked skin, psoriasis, eczema, dry, brittle and damaged hair,

brittle nails and lip care. Or scrub is made from plum kernels and it is rich in plum kernel oil.

Ingredients: Prunus Domestica Seed Powder (THIS PRODUCT IS REGISTERED BY



- directly on the skin, it can be applied both on body and face

- as massage creams, massage masks, face masks

Packaging: We offer in transparent color glass jars with capacity 124g, 313g; or as per customer requirements.

Advantages of our Plum kernels body & face scrub with Plum kernels oil:

-  tender, delicate, rich in plum kernel oil 

-  100% natural without any solvents or preservatives

-  made from pressed Bulgarian plum kernels carefully selected

-  with tender specific nuts fragrance

- elixir for your skin

- gently stroke your skin

- excellent quality

- packed in glass jar


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