Healthy Oils Ltd. is proud to announced that it has certified its products with Vegan Society UK…Do you know that tHealthy Oils is proud to announce that it has certified products with Vegan Society UK...Do you know that the Vegan Society UK is the oldest and most recognizable Vegan Association in the world, founded in 1944. Its founder Donald Watson, marked “the beginning and end of vegetarian.” The Vegan Trademark not only guarantees that products and the manufacturing processes are free from animal products, by-products and derivatives; but that they are also free from animal testing and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that include animal genes. We at Healthy Oils are registering our Scrub from Peach Kernel with peach kernel oil; Scrub from Plum Kernel with plum kernel oil; Scrub from Apricot with apricot kernel oil, Sunflower seeds cold pressed oil; Rose water, Peach kernel cold pressed oil; Plum kernel cold pressed oil and Apricot Kernel cold pressed oil, see more for Vegan Society UK. on:








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