The production of cold pressed oils is a process that does

not emit harmful environmental sensitive substances. Nature

is not contaminated in any way. To operate the machines we

only need electricity.

The process is a closed cycle, the organic material remaining

after the extraction of the oil; stones or pomace is used in agriculture,

cosmetics, metalworking industry, etc. To produce our products we

only use Bulgarian raw materials of the highest quality, selected


We offer our products only in glass bottles, because according

to German scientists glass is a material that does not interact

with the content put into it. There are no chemical compounds

exuded as when using plastic that enter human body and do harm.

Our priority is the health of our customers and the protection

of environment.

Our products are 100% natural, we do not use solvents or  


In the production of our oils we apply an innovative method through

which oil we produce assume crystal form and have a longer life.

We are registered by the Vegan Society UK.




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