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In the current trends worldwide healthy eating is slowly and clumsily becoming the preferred food replacing the former leader – the so-called "fast food". The development and promotion of some of the latest trends in nutrition science such as nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics are a kind of signal to the recognition of its importance for the complete development and adequate existence of human. To be effective, a certain healthy diet should be adapted to the characteristics of the particular individual, his condition, goals and habits.

These individual characteristics are dictated largely by genes - which are located in the nucleus of the cell bearing the entire information about our "essence." In fact, our gene and the surrounding environment (in particular the food consumed) are in constant and intimate relationships with each other. Thus, they determine the individual characteristics of the organism. Therefore the sum of all the genes of a person affects the absorption and metabolism of nutrients. With this aspect of nutrition deals the science of nutrigenetics. It studies individual reactions of man to certain foods person in connection with hi genes that affect nutrition and development of diseases. This, however, does not deplete the bilateral relationship between diet and genes.Food also possesses the ability to alter the expression of genetic information, and thereby may contribute to or inhibit the development of a certain disease. With this aspect of nutrition deals the science of nutrigenomicsAccording to scientific research in the field of nutrigenetics there are opportunities to regulate some key metabolic enzymes through diet. High levels of intake of omega-6 fatty acids, and low consumption of omega-3 can form the basis of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancers, autoimmune diseases and inflammatory processes. This is because the omega-3 inhibits inflammation in the walls of blood vessels by inhibition of cyclooxygenase gene - COX2. According to studies in the field of nutrigenomics highly irrational nutrition of the pregnant woman affects the manifestation (expression) of genes of the foetus even during pregnancy through the so-called insulin-like growth factor (IGF). Similar is the situation in adulthood - feeding mainly affects health by altering gene expression, leading to changes in the proteins produced by the body responsible for the occurrence of a particular condition or disease.

Therefore, for a person's health diet and the food that is taken are essential. There is no way to expect a future generation nourished and grown with food full of preservatives and artificial ingredients to grow healthy and fully, so switching to a healthy diet is an irreversible process, if we want to survive, nay it has become a tool for healthy prevention, thereby accepting certain foods that have specific properties to protect ourselves from many diseases, since food cannot replace drugs. Therefore, there is an emerging trend to seek a food with specific therapeutic properties. The cold-pressed oils that we produce are exactly this kind; food – medicine and cosmetics – drug; by consuming them regularly and moderately or using them as cosmetics, one can prevent and cure many diseases. They are rich in fat from the omega 3 group that are most deficient in our modern menu and are particularly useful and in addition ALA – alpha-linolenic acid is an essential acid which means that it is not synthesized in the body and may be obtained outside only through food.It is a major building block of cell membranes, including blood  vessels and brain. It has a beneficial effect on the entire cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.

Its intake is recommended in cases of atherosclerotic plaques, elevated bad cholesterol, inflammations (especially joint), abnormal metabolism, increased weight. Due to the growing problem with obesity as a result of not only malnutrition, but all the wrong way of life a brand new trend emerges propagating changes in diet and lifestyle as the problem has already acquired such dimensions that cannot be ignored.

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