Healthy Oils EOOD is a Bulgarian company having as a main

business the production of natural, cold-pressed oils from

different types of nuts such as: peach kernels, 

apricot kernels, plum kernels, walnuts, sunflower seeds, 

pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, etc. Oils are extracted

by the method of cold pressing and are 100% natural

without added chemical ingredients or solvents.

They can be used in the cosmetics and food industry.

The production capacity of the company is small,

boutique type, and our concept is to produce high cost items.

Our factory is located in the town of Karlovo, a very clean

and beautiful mountain town.

Not by chance we have chosen the heart of the Rose Valley

for our production - the area is characterized by unique

climate where the famous Rosa damascena only grows

and it is rich in nuts such as sunflower, walnuts, etc.

In the production of our oils we use an innovative

method that prolongs their life and gives them a clear colour. 

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